Who has the better abs by summer?

So today for my first true post I thought I would share a little challenge a friend of mine and I are currently in. We decided around Christmas time we were not happy with our current selves and were thinking of a way to improve. We are always up for a little competition with each other so we decided to make a bet. “Who will have the better abs by summer?” was the bet.

Now what is competition without a little incentive? We both agreed to put up $250 toward the bet. That doesn’t sound like a lot to some people, but to me it was plenty of incentive.  Just around Christmas time I was weighing 197#’s. I had been above 200# in college and told myself never to get that way again. It was an unhealthy 200#. From the beginning of the year I started to take my diet seriously. I have been following the Paleo Lifestyle (link to Reddit Sub-forum) for the past 1-2 years and liked it, but did not take it TOO seriously until February-March of this year.

Before I get too deep into the details I want to share some pictures from the middle of March when I weighed about 187#

At this point I had already lost about 10# from the holiday season, but my GUT was still… bleh! (Technical term there). Also, around this time I had learned about author Tim Ferriss who has a couple of NY Times best-sellers. I really got into his first book “The 4-hour Workweek” and loved his writing style which is good mix of being able to relate as well as informing the reader of new tools and methods in the business world. I naturally started looking for anything and everything about the subject and author (which is my style, which I will share in a later blog).

I soon rolled over to his second book “The 4-Hour Body” and again, could not get enough. This thing is text-book sized and jam packed full of ‘body-hacks’ that are so intriguing to read about. One cool thing is that Tim researched and performed most (if not all) of these experiments on himself before writing about it.

Within the book (circling back to the main point) I found the “slow-carb diet” which, in my opinion, let me get over the hump and fear of dieting. It seems similar to the Paleo method so I did not have to change much of my mindset, but it is really easy to follow (plus it involves a cheat day where you can go hog-wild and pig-crazy). My diet for the past 4 months+ has basically consisted of 3 things. Chicken+green beans+ranch beans. This may sound weird to you, but to me it sounds delicious. I think I will go into more detail about why in a later post, but this regime of food (plus a cheat day for my sanity) has helped me achieve an emotional and physical peak of feeling healthy I have not felt in years.

I am still not to my goal of a 6-pack, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


I will post more updates on the progress of the bet when I can, but in the meantime let me know what you all think in the comments below.


About texastobaben

I am a recent graduate of Texas A&M University and I have started a small business to change things. I own and operate Gift of Green, LLC. It is a company that plants trees in public areas on behalf of charities, schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations through fundraisers. Through this venture, I hope to change the way people think about traditional fundraising as well as help the Earth at the same time.

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